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About Me

James Swindell

Certain dates are lodged in our memories - our wedding day, the birth of our children, the day we passed our driving test.

Saturday 18th December 2004 is the date I’ll always remember as the date when I drove a wedding car for the first time as a wedding car chauffeur. I enjoyed it so much, seeing what a fantastic day it was for the happy couple, that I drove every week following that day in December, until, in 2010, I got the opportunity to buy two wedding cars of my own.

Now, 20 years, and thousands of weddings later, I still get a thrill meeting all the happy couples and helping them to plan their big day. With this vast experience, and all the contacts I’ve made within the wedding industry, I am happy to give unbiased advice if couples should ask, relating to any part of their special day.

Here at James Wedding Cars, nothing is too much trouble in helping to make your big day into a special memory.

Going the Extra Mile

On a photo-shoot with the bride and groom, in the hills above Oldham, between the ceremony and the reception, holding the groom's jacket and the bride's bouquet, just before carrying out running repairs on the bouquet with super-glue from my emergency repair kit.

We are always prepared for any emergency, whether it's the need for super-glue, the sewing kit, the hand cream, the hand mirror, or just a couple of mints to calm the nerves, we are prepared for almost every eventuality.